Both monitoring and mobile Bluetooth headphones, the AKG K371 BT seeks to offer the best of both worlds in a modern and versatile model: a double hat that nevertheless means some compromises.



The aptly named wireless version of the K371, the K371 BT obviously shares many similarities with its wired counterpart, especially in terms of construction and sound performance. We therefore advise you to read the detailed test of the K371 before tackling this short test of the K371 BT, which focuses on the most significant differences.

The first one is felt as soon as you put the headset on your head. Surprisingly, the K371 BT is less comfortable than its 100% wired version. The main cause is the more restricted depth of the earpieces which causes a slight discomfort at the level of the auricle, especially during long listening sessions. The obviously slightly heavier weight (295g vs. 264g) of this wireless version also plays a small role, as the thin rubbery cushion of the headband is a little more noticeable. The K371 BT also offers a slightly less effective sound insulation and is more prone to sound leakage.



The manufacturer has not embarrassed itself with the integration of Bluetooth in this K371 BT. The user experience is extremely simplistic: a few rare beeps and an LED vaguely guide the user; there is no companion application, no advanced functionality, and no possibility to connect the headset to a second device simultaneously (multipoint).

The controls, relatively complete, are placed on a small touch surface (at the level of the AKG logo) which is unfortunately not very reactive and not perfectly reliable, obliging rather regularly to be repeated to validate correctly the command initially requested. On the other hand, we can be satisfied with an extremely comfortable autonomy of 55 hours, even more generous than the initial promise - the recharging is nevertheless done via a micro-USB connector. The integrated hands-free kit does its job, as long as you are not in a noisy environment.

One last word about the sound performance of the K371 BT, which is very similar to that of the K371. We invite you once again to consult the test of the latter to know everything in detail; in substance, the only subtle difference to report is in the treatment of the midrange, synonymous with a sound presence a little less in the background, but also with a sometimes slightly nasal aspect on the voices.



A minimalist wireless version of the K371, the K371 BT is a very decent mobile headset that will satisfy those who are not looking for more than the purely practical aspect brought about by the Bluetooth connection and certain qualities offered by this duo (neat design, foldable, numerous cables supplied, simplistic use). It is however difficult not to be frustrated by so much simplicity compared to what is done on the market, especially when we see the very nice transformation operated by Audio Technica on its line of monitoring headphones with the ATH-M50xBT2.






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