AndaSeat T-Pro 2

AndaSeat is a specialist in office chairs for gamers and offers this T-Pro 2 which promises to combine comfort and ergonomics for tall people.



AndaSeat is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen that offers a range of office chairs and armchairs, especially for gamers. The brand also offers some accessories such as desks, footrests and cushions. The company started by offering chairs for sports, before jumping into the e-sport arena.

The T-Pro 2 is one of the most advanced chairs in AndaSeat's line. It features a high back, 4D armrests and a fabric finish. This gaming chair is priced at around $400. The AndaSeat T-Pro 2 will find serious competitors such as the Secretlab Titan or the Razer Iskur on its way.



Whether you are looking to play or work at a desk, chairs must meet certain ergonomic requirements. The first and most important is the seat height adjustment. The AndaSeat T-Pro 2 allows this between 49 and 55 cm. This is a fairly small range, which is especially suitable for taller people. However, taller also means wider and the seat height of only 44 cm will not comfortably accommodate the largest of patients. The returns on each side of the seat and the metal frame they enclose can be uncomfortable for the thighs.

The armrest position can be adjusted in 4 directions (4D). The height adjustment offers a range of 7 cm which allows to adjust correctly to the average height of a desk (73 cm). It is important to be able to rest your arms at the same height as the work surface to avoid wrist and carpal tunnel pain. To get close enough to the desk, the armrests of the T-Pro 2 can be adjusted in depth. It is also possible to reposition the armrests laterally. Note that the armrests are at least 73 cm apart, which is enough to accommodate large busts, but which, on the other hand, can be uncomfortable for smaller people. Finally, it is possible to adjust the orientation of the armrests on 3 positions.

Chairs that target gamers like this T-Pro 2 mostly rely on a bucket seat design. AndaSeat's model is no exception to this rule. Its backrest is particularly high (87 cm) and rises behind the head and shoulders, even for heavy users. The entire back is therefore well supported, even if the headrest is not necessarily recommended. Like too many gaming chairs, the T-Pro 2 forgets that a lumbar adjustment is essential for comfort and support of the spine. Here, we have to make do with a memory cushion, which is certainly more comfortable than what we usually find, but which remains insufficient to be truly comfortable.

A cushion, also with memory foam, is also provided for the neck. Its presence is often uncomfortable and its positioning remains very restrictive. It is necessary to measure a precise size so that the cushion arrives at the good place. We'll give it a better welcome for a little nap once the backrest is tilted backwards.

The seat and backrest tilts are synchronized. This is not ideal for respecting the body's movements. However, since the mechanism is slightly off-center, it does not lift the knees too much.





Overall, the finishes of the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 are quite good despite a significant representation of plastic. We note a little play in the armrests, and the armrest adjustments are a bit lacking in fluidity. If you don't spend your time repositioning them, this won't be too much of a problem. The plastic parts that cover the hinges connecting the backrest to the seat are a bit unattractive, but it's not a big deal.

The assembly of the different pieces of fabric that cover the seat is correct. There are some minor imperfections here and there, but nothing too embarrassing. At first glance, the seams do not show any notable weaknesses. The fabric used also seems to be of good quality. Above all, the fabric is much less sweaty than the majority of imitation leathers used by many competitors.

The leg and its large casters give the feeling of being robust. Without being the most fluid chair we have seen when rolling over a few dozen centimeters, the T-Pro 2 moves correctly and in a certain silence.



The foam of the seat offers a good compromise between firmness and comfort. However, it is a little less comfortable than a Rekt Ultim8 or, moreover, a Herman Miller Gaming Embody. The lumbar cushion is suitable for people over 1.80 m, but it is too high for shorter users.

Despite an apparent firmness, the armrests are quite comfortable during long sessions. Overall, you can spend several hours sitting on the AndaSeat T-Pro 2, provided you are not too short or too wide in the thighs.



Overall, the performance of the AndaSeat T-Pro 2 gaming chair is decent. However, its comfort is quite dependent on the size of its user. It is particularly suitable for tall people, but not necessarily for wide people because of its narrow seat.






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