Braun BT 7040

Braun is expanding its range with the BeardTrimmer 7040, a versatile razor-trimmer that wants to focus on cutting precision.

The all-in-one shaver market is popular. Allowing for shaving, but also cutting hair, these small devices often offered at moderate cost seduce a clientele of neophytes or people who do not necessarily want (or the possibility) to invest a larger amount in their equipment; this is the niche of the new Braun BeardTrimmer 7040. This "multi-grooming" razor-mower wants to satisfy the greatest number by positioning itself as an accessible, simple and versatile tool. It is already found at a slightly cheaper rate on the web.

Positive Points
- Cutting accuracy up to 20 mm
- Adjustment wheel 5 mm
- Charging station
- Manual shaver and two blades provided
- Autonomy

Negative points
- Very plastic packaging
- No head shaving nose / ears


Braun BT 7040 Review



Out of its box in which we still find a little too much plastic to our taste (thermoformed packaging that will end without notice in a trash), the Braun BeardTrimmer 7040 is what we can call a nice razor.

It combines different types of plastics including, covering the handle, a plastic pearl gray finish with a pretty nice effect. On the handle precisely, include a charge indicator, a start button and a small toothed wheel.

This allows you to adjust the cutting height of the blade in steps of 0.5 mm, from 1 to 20 mm. Combined with the two cutting combs provided (the first 1 to 10 mm, the second 11 to 20 mm), it allows very precise cuts (39 heights in total) to sculpt his beard to the millimeter.

At the top of the handle, the shaving head with a blade 30 mm wide can be dislocated and replaced by two precision heads. The first is grid (1.5 cm wide) and will be used to smooth the skin (we think above the cheeks). The second is a second precision blade (1.5 cm) that can be used under the nose, around the legs, and, why not, for the ears. Too bad there is not in this beautiful paraphernalia nose / ears precisely because Braun offers yet on razors entry level, as the MGK3080 sold at a similar price.

The Braun BT 7040 is sold with a Gillette manual razor (Fusion 5 ProGlide, with two blades) for finishing. Braun also provides a small charging station, a cleaning brush, and a small storage bag. However, there is no oil vial for the maintenance of blades (self-sharpening) on board.


Braun BT 7040 Beard Trimmer



The Braun BT 7040 Beard Trimmer operates on mains or battery. The promised autonomy reaches 100 minutes of use for one hour of charge. According to our tests, it finally amounts to exactly 94 minutes. A full charge takes about an hour.

We used the Braun BeardTrimmer 7040 twice to maintain a 3-day-old beard. Head (1 to 10 mm) nested on the blade, we ventured onto our face by first adjusting the cutting height to 4 mm with the small knob. Too high for the razor to "catch" the hair, we immediately decreased the height by 5 mm. The maneuver allowed us to obtain satisfaction. When shaving, the hair seems to "crunch" under the blade that delights, and are cut without the need for a second pass. However, it is impossible to evaluate the effect of the hair density sensor present on the Braun BeardTrimmer 7040. This technology, called "AutoSensing" according to Braun, allows you to adjust the power of the device according to the density of the hair. During our tests, our different shaves were performed in a very homogeneous way.

The small precision blade has on the other hand proved very practical to cut the few recalcitrant hairs located just between the nose and the mustache, but also those pesky unsightly hairs which grow at the entrance of the ear, on the tragus. By approaching gently, it is possible to cut the apparent hair out of the nostrils.

The second precision blade (the one with the grid) was useful for actually cleaning the top of the cheeks. But it turns out too small to smooth the lower neck, area that the Fusion 5 ProGlide shaver, helped by a little shaving foam to improve the glide, will clean to perfection.


BeardTrimmer 7040



We measured the sound level of the Braun BeardTrimmer 7040 at the sound level meter. The razor emits 64 dB (A) at 20 cm from our microphone and 73 dB (A) at 5 mm. It is more or less the distances that, depending on where it is on the face, separate the razor from one or the other ear. These sound levels are quite conventional compared to that of the very large number of razors-mowers tested for several years. We find that the average is generally around 72 dB (A).


Braun BeardTrimmer 7040



Said "Wet and Dry", the Braun BT 7040 Beard Trimmer razor / razor simply rinses under water after most of the hair cut with the supplied brush has been removed. We advise you to dry the blades well (with a hair dryer, for example) and to clean the handle of the appliance.




With his BeardTrimmer 7040, Braun plays on velvet. Offering a good price / performance ratio, this razor-mower beautiful workmanship can meet most expectations. We appreciate the versatility of the device, its flexibility of use and its moderate sound level. A nose-hair trimmer, like the one found on other razors of the brand, would have been welcome for the offer is really complete.


Braun BT 7040 Beard Trimmer & Hair Clipper




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