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To find you the best wireless landline phone currently available on the global market, we spent many hours comparing no less than 15 products. At the end of this research, we concluded that the Alcatel F530 represents the most attractive solution thanks, in particular, to the subtle mix between the quality of the functions presented, the minimalism of the design and, above all, the accessibility of the phone.


Alcatel F530




"Easy to grasp and use", "qualitative in terms of sound and aesthetics" and "embodying good value for money" are all laudatory words that have been used by consumers to describe it.

As with most cordless phones, the Alcatel is characterized by extreme ease of use. Don't be fooled by its more than affordable price, as this phone proves to be both powerful and practical thanks, in particular, to an efficient battery life and a few advanced options that include polyphonic ring tones and the VIP option, a feature designed to put some of your contacts in the spotlight with a personalised ring tone.




Gigaset CL750A Go Sculpture




This model combines power and practicality. Between the remote base station, the sound quality and the range it displays, it is difficult to remain at home and miss this quality phone in every respect.

It's the choice to make if you're looking to move away from the traditional fixed wireless phone. Its sculptural shapes with flawless lines and surfaces make it easy to integrate into your workspace or home. Qualitative in every way, it stands out thanks to its High Sound Performance that perfects even the most minimal sounds.




Panasonic KX-PRS120




This phone is a real little smartphone in power. From caller ID to babyphone, automatic callback and SMS, it combines efficiency, design and gadget options of all kinds.

If you're looking for a wireless phone that can compete with the features of some smartphones, this is the model for you. Praised by critics and recognized by its peers, this Panasonic has nothing to envy the competition. With SMS, babyphone functionality and audio conferencing, it offers a formidable quality of service.




Gigaset C570A




Enjoying good finishes, it is a powerful landline phone characterized by its efficient autonomy, its modern and easy to use interface, as well as its blacklist function.

While it may seem simple at first glance, this phone answers the adage "nothing is ever what it seems". Indeed, you may be surprised by its long battery life, its sound quality, or its customizability. By offering you quick and easy management of your contacts and calls, this phone makes it a point of honour to make your life easier at every possible level of communication.




Gigaset S850A GO




This high-performance wireless landline phone has a number of advanced features, such as Bluetooth and USB. The sound quality it offers and its quality design justify the price.

This designer phone has excellent performance. The brand seems to have understood that switching to a cordless landline phone requires optimal range, because the Gigaset S850A GO not only features maximum indoor and outdoor ranges, but also allows you to extend these by taking your own needs into account. This feature, combined with the Bluetooth and USB systems on offer, has proved popular with many users.




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How did we make our choice?

A large number of people have switched from landline phones to smartphones, which are considered more convenient and, of course, easier to move around. However, the wireless landline phone hasn't had the last word. Indeed, it's not uncommon to find features that, at first glance, are more similar to the smartphone than to its wired counterpart. From the Bluetooth connection to the babyphone, it has been renewed with options designed to improve your daily life at work and at home.

Choosing your phone is therefore no easy task. That's why we've listed some selection criteria to keep in mind when placing an order:


- The power

This term refers to the autonomy of the telephone, but also to its range (internal and external) and the stability of its communication. All these characteristics are essential since they have a direct influence on the quality of the call and therefore on the exchange itself.


- Multiple handsets

Having multiple phones answering the same base is now possible. This option is very useful since it allows you to place a phone in each room, so you don't have to run from one end of the house to the other when the ringer goes off.


- The LCD monitor/display screen

Visual comfort is a non-negligible feature. It is indeed the screen that provides you with the information necessary for any good communication (date and time, missed calls, level of reception etc.). Lighting and legibility must therefore be optimal.


- Caller ID

It's annoying not knowing who's calling. The presentation of numbers allows the caller to be identified by providing his number and/or first and last name even if it is not in your directory. This feature is based on the principle of reverse directory.


- Voicemail

Contrary to what we might think, this option is not inherent to all phones. Enjoying voicemail means giving yourself the opportunity to leave the room or the house without fear of missing an important call.


- The hands-free car kit

While this option may seem futile, it is nonetheless of paramount importance. The hands-free kit is indeed synonymous with freedom. Whether at work or at home, you can go about your business while continuing your telephone conversation.


- The double call

This option offers the possibility to receive an incoming call even though a call is already in progress. From then on, it allows you to manage your calls according to your priorities in order to better organize yourself.


On the basis of these characteristics, we were able to identify more than fifteen wireless landline phones. With the help of expert opinions and user feedback, we were able to narrow the list down to offer you our selection of the 5 best wireless landline phones currently available on the European market.


Alcatel F530




This model combines a multitude of options, each more effective than the last. In addition to the more traditional features that allow you to view your incoming and missed calls, this phone offers you a VIP option, which allows you to find out the identity of the caller with one of the 10 available ring tones, as well as 5 sound levels that make the HFCK even more efficient. "Easy to grasp and use", "qualitative in terms of sound and aesthetically speaking" and "embodying good value for money" are just some of the laudatory words that have been used by consumers to describe the Alcatel F530. In view of its excellent battery life, simple and efficient are the adjectives that best characterise it.

While it is true that the Alcatel does not offer the option of multiple handsets, it does offer a DUO version to suit the size of your home. The large backlit display not only provides maximum legibility indicating the reception and battery level, but also allows you to view the last 20 incoming calls, missed calls and the various numbers in the phonebook. The phonebook can contain a maximum of 50 names. For each of them, the user can configure the VIP option, which is limited to assigning a particular ring tone (outside the 10 ring tones offered by the phone) to the contacts of his choice. In other words, the ringing tone is supposed to tell you who is ringing before you even approach the phone.

In addition to this undeniable asset, the Alcatel has a high-performance hands-free kit function. While it already boasts 5 equally high quality sound levels, it also manages to reproduce sound without interference or distortion when the hands-free kit mode is activated. In short, it is an ideal model to complement the use of a smartphone and thus stay in contact with people who have not yet been exposed to mobile telephony.




Gigaset CL750A Go Sculpture




The Gigaset CL750A combines power and convenience. Between the remote base station that allows it to couple up to 6 handsets, the sound quality made possible by the High Sound Performance system and the long battery life it offers, it's hard to stand still and miss out on this quality phone that offers you, among other things, the opportunity to take a double call and participate in an audio conference with two other people. One of its strong points is its autonomy. The Gigaset CL750A distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering a standby time of 320 hours, a talk time of 14 hours and an indoor range of up to 50 meters. If there's no external range, the phone can still be configured with up to 6 different handsets with a 3-way call transfer and conferencing function.

So, if you can't ring or pick up the phone from your garden, you can still take a call from the room you are in (as long as a handset is there) and start a phone conversation with two other people. Thanks to its backlit display, you can easily check the date and time, call duration, your missed calls, the last 20 calls in your diary as well as the reception and battery level. In addition to these so-called "basic" features, the Gigaset CL750A has a few other practical and, above all, useful qualities. The first is a voice mailbox that gives you a certain amount of freedom, since you no longer have to worry about whether or not you're at home to receive news from a loved one.

The second is its dual-call option, which further confirms its ability to adapt to both work and home spaces. This landline phone also offers a hands-free kit option that is only available on the handset. This is necessary because the special feature of the Gigaset is its remote base station. This means that the phone can be taken out of the box while maintaining optimum sound quality thanks to the High Sound Performance system. As with all Gigaset models, the CL750A Go Sculpture comes with a 2-year warranty.




Panasonic KX-PRS120




The Panasonic KX-PRS120 is a truly powerful little smartphone. From caller ID to baby monitor, automatic callback and SMS, this wireless phone combines design and gadget options of all kinds. Indeed, this model not only offers the possibility to locate your 6 handsets in the house, but it also allows you to transfer calls from one phone to another, to enjoy a voice announcement system as well as night and eco modes. Powerful, it comes with two batteries. It has a standby time of 150 hours and a talk time of up to 720 minutes. Recharging time is estimated at 7 hours. With its backlit LCD screen, it has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels which perfectly captures the depth of the 65,000 colours used. The Panasonic offers compatibility with up to 6 handsets, as well as a function (very practical!) that locates their location in the house.

It also includes a "number presentation" option that is proving to be more than useful. As explained above, this feature allows you to obtain the necessary information about the caller, even if the caller is not among the 300 names that can make up your directory. Even better, the identity of that caller can be provided to you orally through the voice announcement system. Note that it also has a call screening system, which is very useful to avoid being bothered by certain callers. This landline phone also has excellent sound quality, which allows the efficiency of its hands-free kit, intercom, baby monitor systems, as well as its audio conferencing and voice mail functions. And even if you are not satisfied with the sound quality, the Panasonic offers a voice amplifier function. Additional features include an eco mode and a night mode. Very useful for countering late SMS (which your landline phone can send and receive)!




Gigaset C570A




The Gigaset C570A is a well-finished, powerful landline phone with an efficient battery life, a modern interface and the use of the High Sound Performance system. Although this model does not have a detachable base that can be coupled with different handsets, it is still available in a DUO version. It also offers you the possibility of configuring your own blacklist and associating up to 3 numbers for one and the same contact. The power of this phone is not easily questioned. Its battery is autonomous for more than 320 hours and you are able to hold a phone conversation for more than 17 hours.

Unfortunately, it does not benefit from the "multiple handset" option, but it does offer an alternative through its DUO version. As far as the display is concerned, it is flawless. Indeed, it is a large, backlit colour screen that enhances the modern interface so much praised by users. In addition to showing you the date, time and some information about your calls, it gives you access to your phonebook and the 200 entries it can contain.

The Gigaset C570A lets you combine up to 3 numbers for a single contact and set up a different ring tone for VIPs in your phonebook. It's all about managing contacts and calls, which sets this phone apart from the competition, as the blacklist and anonymous call deletion functions prove. Its hands-free kit option is a real asset, which is further enhanced by the presence of the High Sound Performance system, designed to provide you with first-class sound quality. Combined with its excellent readability, this sound makes the Gigaset C570A a high-performance and relatively affordable wireless landline phone.




Gigaset S850A GO




The Gigaset S850A Go is a high-performance cordless landline phone with optimal indoor and outdoor ranges that can be pushed to the max. It features a number of advanced options such as Bluetooth and USB. Combined with the sound quality it offers and its quality design, these further justify the price of this phone. If this phone is not given away, the quality of the services offered is not questionable. The Gigaset S850A Go has a standalone battery and a maximum indoor and outdoor range that can be extended to suit your needs. The box can hold up to six different handsets, a feature that appeals to consumers who can't help but notice how easy it is to couple handsets to the detachable base station.

In addition to a large LCD screen, it offers a modern and easy-to-use interface that tells you everything there is to know about the phone's status on the one hand (time, date, networks, battery, etc.) and about the communication status on the other (missed calls, call log, etc.). At Gigaset, this communication can take place over a loudspeaker. The sound remains excellent, without distortion or interference. There's also a "number presentation" function that lets you know who's calling you at any time, and a voicemail box (available in German or English only). So the basic functions are all there. Where this phone stands out is in its advanced options. In addition to the integrated bluetooth system, which allows you to transfer your contacts from your smartphone, it also has a USB device that allows you to update your phonebook and assign a photo to the contacts of your choice from your computer.





Honorable mentions

Doro Comfort 1010: this powerful cordless landline phone offers 100 hours standby time, 10 hours talk time and a maximum range of 300m outdoors and 50m indoors. It comes with a DUO version, polyphonic ring tones and a hands-free kit. However, users have noted a number of problems with the sound quality and the on-screen display, which is why we prefer to highlight the Alcatel F530, which, for a lower price, perfectly fulfils these functions.

Gigaset SL450A GO : très complet, ce téléphone est doté d’une excellente autonomie tant en termes de batterie (200 heures en veille) que de communication (12 heures). S’il présente une capacité de répertoire de 500 entrées ainsi qu’une fonction SMS, les seuls points qui permettent de le différencier véritablement du Panasonic KX-PRS120 sont le mode vibreur et la connexion casque/écouteurs. Bien que nous ne doutions pas de la plus-value de ces deux fonctionnalités, nous les trouvons néanmoins cher payées.


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