Dreame P10

Dreame's catalog of upright vacuums is growing with the P10. At first glance, it seems quite different from its little friends, but there are still many similarities with the references we tested.



Over the years, Dreame vacuum cleaners have earned their stripes by offering a less expensive alternative to the master models (Dyson, not to mention) but also efficient enough to accomplish its mission. The Dreame P10 incorporates many of the brand's staples, including a stick format that places the heaviest components (filtration system, motor and 0.6-liter waste bin) closer to the user's wrist.

Like Dreame's other upright vacuums, the P10 uses a multicyclonic filtration system that is more efficient than a simple cyclonic air and dust separation system.

Finally, a screen located on the back of the main unit should give an estimate of the autonomy of the li-ion battery announced around 50 minutes in eco mode (and without activating the brush) if we rely on the data sheet.


Convenience of use

Out of the box, the Dreame P10 is reminiscent of the Xiaomi G10, even if the orange gives way to light blue. We find this white plastic, certainly a little dirty but very pleasant to the touch, and clean finishes. The different elements fit together well, the locking systems of the parts emit a satisfactory "click" when they are well engaged. Even the transparent plastics seem to be of good quality. The few scratches that appeared on the inside of the manifold after our various tests are not abnormal.

In handheld mode, the Dreame P10 weighs 1.64 kg. It is slightly heavier than the other models in our comparison, but this is not detrimental to a long vacuuming session. Of course, with its tube and its suction head, it gains almost a kilogram to reach a weight of 2.62 kg. Once again, even if it is a little less light than the majority of the models we have tested so far, it should not weigh too much on the arm.

Good point, the joints that connect the head to the tube are extremely flexible. It seems like nothing, but the Dreame P10 is very agile, even if it does not reach the performance of the atypical Dyson Omni-glide in this field. Still, we never experienced head lock or poorly controlled skids despite the more than tight turns we forced the P10 to make.

The controls of a vacuum cleaner are not difficult to understand and even without having read the manual, the P10 can be mastered without difficulty, even if it has a small but useful feature. The user can choose a fractional or continuous suction with a simple press on the padlocked button at the back of the device. In the first case, you have to keep the pressure on the trigger so that the suction does not stop; this way, you gain a little autonomy since the battery is no longer required as soon as the handle is released to move a piece of furniture or a piece of furniture on a shelf. With continuous suction, it is no longer necessary to tense your wrist, which is more comfortable in the long run, but you don't necessarily think about turning off the vacuum cleaner. So everyone can choose the method they prefer or that seems to be the most suitable for the situation.

The other button near the screen is used to change the suction power of the Dreame P10. There are three levels: eco, standard and boost. Vertical bars that are higher or lower indicate the chosen setting. In the same vein, icons indicate what may be the causes of a specific malfunction (blocked rotating brush, clogged air path ...).

One would have thought that, as on the T20, precise indications on the remaining autonomy would be given. It is nothing of the sort and we will have to make do with a series of dots that will go out one after the other depending on the battery charge. Admittedly, all this is more useful than a simple trio of LEDs, but we would have liked a little more information to be able to plan the cleaning sessions.

The Dreame P10 is far from being the best equipped model in terms of accessories. In the box, apart from the vacuum cleaner itself, there is only the storage base - which can also be used as a recharging base, which is not always the case - and an accessory holder to be fixed on the suction tube so that you always have the only long nozzle with a retractable brush at hand. It's a bit sparse.





The Dreame P10 only comes with a soft roll vacuum head. This type of brush is more suitable for hard floors and fine carpets than for shaggy carpets.

And yet, the P10 doesn't do so badly on this surface as it picks up 73% of the detritus we spread in two minutes at standard suction power. To improve the results a bit more, just turn on the boost mode and you can expect to vacuum almost 90% of the debris (88% to be exact) in two minutes.

It is more efficient on fine carpeting and picks up 95% of waste in 30 seconds in normal mode and 98% in boost mode. In both cases, the floor is immaculate in one minute.

Finally, on hard floors, the efficiency rate reaches 98% in 30 seconds in normal mode and 99% in the same time frame in boost mode. Once again, a second pass is needed to be sure to vacuum everything.

In our opinion, the motor lacks a bit of power for the P10's suction to be fully effective.



Due to the horizontal position of the collector, emptying it is not as easy as on a model like the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor, which therefore only requires a simple press of a button to see the bottom tilt and let the dust fall into the garbage can. Here, the bin must first be removed before emptying. Of course, at the end of the operation, you have to put the collector back in its place. We have known more practical.

Dreame's multi-cyclone filtration system does its job brilliantly. As a proof, after having made him swallow 20 grams of cocoa powder (to simulate fine dust), we weighed the foam and HEPA filters with a precision scale and they did not take a thousandth of a gram. All the material was well redirected to the collector, wisely waiting to be evacuated to the trash. In fact, even if the filters need to be dusted from time to time, there is little risk of seeing them saturated with dust, which would reduce the P10's suction performance.

In addition, disassembly of the filter system is very simple, as most parts are located in the removable collector. You can easily access the various corners to remove dirt with a cloth or under a stream of clear water. Only the HEPA filter is located on the engine block of the unit, but it can be easily removed and replaced without further effort.

Good point, you can extract the soft roller from the suction head without too much difficulty to remove hair and long hairs that could be tangled up in it. The piece that holds everything in place is integral to the head - so there's no risk of losing it - and no tools are required to unlock it.





The Dreame P10 runs out of breath very quickly. After 2 hours and 05 minutes of charging, it sucks less than 20 minutes in normal mode (19 minutes and 15 seconds exactly). Obviously, it is even worse if you activate the boost mode and the autonomy does not exceed 8 min 15 s in this configuration.



The Dreame P10 will not allow you to appreciate all the symphonic and rhythmic subtleties of the third movement of Schubert's string quintet in C minor during housework.

Nevertheless, the sound level of 66 dB(A) at normal power is quite bearable. Of course, it is louder in boost mode (73 dB(A)), but again, the ears do not suffer too much.



The Dreame P10 has all the qualities that make a good upright vacuum cleaner; it does its job well, especially on hard floors and fine carpeting. Moreover, it keeps the fine dust inside its collector, without letting it escape. Nevertheless, its more than limited autonomy works against it, unless you use it as a back-up model for a slightly more muscular, but above all, more enduring machine.






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