Klipsch R-41PM

The active speakers R-41PM have the delicate mission to succeed the very popular R-14PM from the same manufacturer. The goal: to offer "Klipsch sound" in very compact speakers, versatile, and as simple as possible to use.

Positive Points
- Perfectly balanced sound
- Natural and ample mediums
- Excellent dynamics and responsiveness, especially in bass
- Not too cumbersome
- Excellent manufacturing quality
- Very complete wire connection
- Full of nice little ergonomic details

Negative points
- Treble a little too directive, stereophonic image perfectible
- Very strong and non-skippable physiological equalization
- Bluetooth Elementary Compatibility


Klipsch reference r-41pm



The first letter R of the R-41PM signals their membership in the reference range of Klipsch, historically the line of the most popular speakers of the American manufacturer - because the least expensive. The brand presents these small active speakers as the most accessible entryway to this range, especially because they do not need to be associated with an external amp.

High only 25 cm, the R-41PM are very compact speakers that can easily find their place alongside a computer monitor or a small TV, for example. The range also includes the R-51PM, very similar, but a little more powerful and bulky (32 cm high).


Klipsch R-41PM review



In the field of design, few brands are more attached to their traditions than Klipsch. The horn tweeter and the copper woofer are unmistakable signatures of the manufacturer, so there is nothing surprising to find them here.

Regardless of the affinity that everyone can feel for this look, the Klipsch R-41PM show a very satisfactory build quality. The wood veneer on the enclosure is a very successful visual effect, showing little evidence of assembly, and gives the impression of excellent robustness. As for those who would find the facade a little too showy, they can easily hide behind the magnetic mesh grids provided.

The right speaker is the center speaker of the pair, hosting all the control electronics and power. It connects to the left speaker with a standard speaker cable, of which a 4 meter specimen is provided.


Klipsch R-41PM speaker



It has been said, the ease of use is one of the reasons for these speakers, which probably explains why they do not offer any connected functionality. Instead, they prefer to focus on their wired input connectivity, remarkably complete: Optical S / PDIF, USB for connecting to a PC as an external audio device (a USB Type-A to USB Type-B cable is provided ), RCA dual can be used both as line input as a phono input for lovers of vinyl records, and finally mini-jack stereo. Almost all potential uses are covered.

However, the Klipsch R-41PM Powered Bookshelf Speaker can not completely disable the wireless, and also has a Bluetooth receiver. It unfortunately offers a somewhat basic compatibility: no possibility of multipoint connection or unify the speaker volume setting to that of the source, nor to control playback beyond a simple play / pause. No doubt it is better to see this Bluetooth compatibility as a nice little bonus on speakers before all designed to be used wired, and nothing else.

In addition to all these inputs, the rear panel of the master speaker of the pair also hosts an adjustable level subwoofer output. The attention is appreciable, but ungrateful that we are, we can not help being frustrated by the lack of low-cut filter to place the crossover at the frequency of our choice.

The speakers are supplied with a small, very simple and effective infrared remote control. Just take the time to point out a small feature here and too rare: the ability to turn off the LED status indicator of the speaker during use! A detail certainly, but for people who like to watch their movies or listen to their music in complete darkness, it is providential.

Another small detail worth noting: when configured on the optical input, the Klipsch R-41PM automatically wake up as soon as they receive a signal. This means that when connected to a TV, they are able to light up with him. There is no risk of being deafened if the last user pushed the volume more than it should, since the volume has automatically dropped to a reasonable level each time it is switched on. These are the kind of small details that, put end to end, make these speakers a real pleasure to use every day!


Performance and Quality of Audio



The small size of the Klipsch R-41PM speaker does not prevent them from offering several remarkable sound qualities. Their overall performance is certainly not flawless, but overall very satisfactory.

Let's begin, however, evoking a character trait that significantly affects the use that can be made of these speakers, and have to do with this famous tweeter iconic Klipsch flag. The latter has the effect of making treble very directive, which is certainly beneficial for the sensitivity and "apparent" dynamics of the speakers, but harmful for the width and the naturalness of their stereophony. This is all the more true that these same highs are of slightly improved accuracy. No worries: they cause no sibilance and only leave a slight acidity on the more raspy recordings.

But in fact, R-41PMs produce a spatial image that lacks a bit of continuity. In order not to exacerbate this phenomenon, it is necessary to avoid positioning the speakers at too great a distance from each other; beyond about 1.50 m of separation, the central ghost image (for example, the dialogue of a movie) begins to become too fuzzy.

This is however the only notable weakness that these speakers show in their sound reproduction. Beyond that, they impress with their dynamic and almost irreproachable balance - the measurement of frequency response (displayed above) says everything about it! This is reflected in particular by mediums of a natural absolutely confusing. Human voices benefit, of course, as well as acoustic instruments such as piano or cello, with rich and ample timbres.

With a large power reserve, the Klipsch R-41PM is also distinguished by the excellent responsiveness of their low-mid and low. Whatever the signal density on these spectral regions, details and sharpness remain preserved, even at high volume. Thanks to this, and even if the extension of bass is not spectacular in the absolute, the speakers still offer a sitting relationship sound / clutter quite convincing. The kicks are there and there, able to be physically felt at high volume.

And not only high volume, by the way, since the R-41PM have the particularity of shipping what the manufacturer calls a "dynamic equalizer" - kind of partial physiological equalization, which emphasizes the bass only when the volume is down.

The approach is perfectly legitimate, but may not be unanimous: said emphasis is very strong, and we must increase the volume to a really high level so that it completely disappears. This is in itself a matter of personal preference, but it can be a pity that Klipsch does not give the choice to the user to activate or not this equalization - or, even better, to adjust its intensity. This would also solve the small inconveniences that can cause the placement of the vents at the back, which, when the speakers are positioned near a wall will of course also raise the bass a few decibels.





Whether alongside a small TV, a monitor, or as the foundation of a mini-stereo, the small Klipsch R-41PM will impose their versatility and their ratio of sound performance / high footprint fly. Just make sure you have no objection to their "dynamic EQ", which puts strong emphasis on low frequencies when listening at low volume.


Klipsch R-41PM Powered Bookshelf Speaker




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