Lacie Porsche Design Mobile Drive 4tb

LaCie continues to slowly evolve its range of external storage: let's look today at the latest "Mobile Drive", a hard drive that puts on a look worked. Too bad the rest is not more neat.

Positive Points
- A nice design
- Robust
- USB-A and USB-C cable provided
- Performance

Negative points
- No supplied pouch
- Pretty heavy


Lacie Porsche Design Mobile Drive 4tb Review



With its all-metal shell and gray gown, the Mobile Drive echoes LaCie's design codes. It is very well assembled and does not do in the foil. However, the look is a little less than the other models of LaCie, and that thanks to an interesting work on the edges, which benefit from a rather successful beveling. Difficult to make an external hard drive that stands out from the competition, but the American manufacturer manages here in part. The set remains very sober and only the tiny light of connection to a PC comes to give a little "brilliant".

This Mobile Drive is however quite heavy for an external hard drive (weight measured at 342 g) and bulky (124 x 91 x 20 mm). Note that no transportation pouch is provided. The only connector is USB-C and there are two different cables in the box (USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C).


LaCie Mobile Drive 4 To



Fully bonded, without any visible screws, the LaCie Mobile Drive 4TB enclosure is therefore impossible to open, which is always regrettable. The hard disk stalled inside is also a Seagate Barracuda 2.5 inch format. It runs at 5400 rpm and includes 128 MB of cache.

The model tested here offers an advertised capacity of 4 TB (3.63 TB in real capacity). Note that no software is on the hard drive, but it is possible to enjoy a month of subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. The hard disk also contains an executable for downloading the latest version of the LaCie Toolkit utility. It allows you to create and manage automatic backups of your computer.


LaCie Mobile Drive External Hard Drive 4TB



In terms of performance, the LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive 4TB does the job. The theoretical measurements thus give 141 MB / s in sequential reading and close to 136 MB / s in writing. This places this external hard drive among the best of the 2.5 "segment.

In manual copy, the results are just as good. The reading and writing of a large file (27 GB) and rise respectively to 138 and 135 MB / s, which proves very satisfactory for an external hard drive, running at 5400 revolutions / minute, moreover) . On a multitude of small files (here photos, for a total of 6 GB), it is however difficult to exceed 50 MB / s read and 67 MB / s write.




With its neat look and apparent strength, LaCie Mobile Drive External Hard Drive 4TB inspires confidence. The record is very good flows side with values that make it appear among the best. Too bad it is so heavy and it comes with no carrying case.


Lacie Porsche Design Mobile Drive 4TB




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