Philips Bodygroom 7000

You don't need a degree in aesthetics to guess what's special about the Philips Bodygroom 7000 BG7025/15; its charging socket is placed in the center. Next to that, the presence of two shaving heads seems almost insignificant.

Electric shavers usually have a backup trimmer. Clippers, on the other hand, are often equipped with an additional shaver. Philips innovates with its Bodygroom 7000 BG7025/15, a device designed for the body. On one side, you have a real blade trimmer with 5 cutting heights (6 if you remove the shoe), while on the other side, you have a fully functional electric razor with a grid that can really be used to obtain a baby skin on a daily basis. Each end has its own power button, but the motor and the Ni-MH battery are common. The latter promises an autonomy of 50 minutes for one hour of recharging, if we believe the data sheet.



Due to the presence of two real shaving heads, the Philips Bodygroom 7000 adopts a singular shape, which is not yet common in the small world of electric shavers. Nevertheless, the grip is not affected. In fact, it's quite the opposite since the weight distribution is almost perfect. In the end, the device is easy to handle, whether you use one or the other head. Of course, it will take a few uses to know exactly how to hold the machine in the most efficient way to shave here or there, but you can reach each area to be maintained without too much wrist contortion.

As is often the case with Philips, the quality of the finish is high and the Bodygroom's body alternates between brushed metal and rubber to ensure a good grip, even in a wet environment, which is quite fortunate since the device is waterproof and can be used in the shower. However, we have a slight problem with the rubber cover that protects the power plug; it seems quite fragile and, when it is plugged in, the charger pin presses on it. In the long run, it is very likely that this part will be irreparably damaged.

Handling the Philips Bodygroom should not be an insurmountable problem, even though the controls consist of two buttons, placed on the same side: one for the shaver, one for the trimmer. Given the location, the thumb does not always fall on the power buttons, but they are easy to find with practice. Everything would be almost perfect if the height adjustment of the trimmer shoe was a little more fluid. You have to press the center of the selector quite hard with your thumb before pushing it (to increase the height) or pulling it (to decrease it). This shoe, precisely, is removable and can be removed without difficulty to enjoy a closer shave. Putting it back in place is no more complicated.

The shaving head is relatively flexible as it can be tilted in four directions. Of course, we've seen much more mobile models (like the Braun Serie 8 8390cc), but the Bodygroom can handle curves, hollows and depressions without coming off the skin too much. Beware, the two sets of blades upstream and downstream of the grid prohibit the use of this part on the face, while you can technically trim your beard using the other head - even if Philips does not recommend this use.

While many electric shavers allow you to change the cutting elements when they start to get dull, Philips does not offer this solution and you will have to maintain the Bodygroom with care. It is therefore all the more regrettable that the Dutchman only offers a small cleaning brush for this purpose. Without going as far as the automatic cleaning base, an additional oil can would have been welcome.



The Philips Bodygroom shaver works efficiently. We did not experience any painful hair pulling during our various tests. However, we did try this razor on our face, as a matter of conscience, and our cheeks still remember it painfully. The blades on both sides of the grid are not massive enough to cut thick beard hair and the operation is more like a hair removal than a real shaving.

The trimmer is also very effective on the body, although it is a little less flexible than the razor. But unlike the razor, it can be used on the face, even though there are not enough cutting heights to satisfy demanding beards. Indeed, there are only 5 (3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm and 11 mm) on the Bodygroom, against 30 for a model like the Philips BT9810/15 Prestige. Those who like short hair can also use the clippers, but with the same limitations as regards cutting heights.





We measured the autonomy of the Philips Bodygroom by using it in shaver mode and then in trimmer mode. Before that, of course, we charged it to 100%, an operation that requires 60 minutes.

In the first case, it can work for almost 1 h 29 min without interruption. Surprisingly, it is less durable in the clipper mode: we measured only 1 h 12 min.



The noise caused by the two cutting heads is very different. The razor is the noisier device. At a few millimeters from the ear, the noise level reaches 81 dB(A). It drops to 76 dB(A) and ends up at 68 dB(A) only when our sound level meter is 20 cm away from the device.

Even if these data allow us to situate the Bodygroom in relation to other electric shavers, we must keep in mind that this model, especially if we use the shaver, is essentially intended for shaving body hair. Therefore, it will potentially be found far away from the ears most of the time.

The trimmer is quieter, and that's good because it's more likely to be used near the ears. At a few millimeters from the ears, when trimming the legs for example, the noise level reaches 72 dB(A). When the clippers are passed over the cheeks (at about 5 cm), the noise level is only 68 dB(A). Finally, at 20 cm, to simulate shaving on the neck, the sound level meter indicates 62 dB(A).



Like the vast majority of electric shavers in our comparison, the Bodygroom 7000 BG7025/15 is waterproof so it can be used in the shower. This feature makes it easy to clean since you just have to run it under water to remove the cut hairs. However, the use of the brush to remove the hair stuck in certain parts is mandatory. And what does not really help things, Philips did not plan that the Bodygroom is removable. It is therefore impossible to remove the heads to facilitate the operation.



Philips' gamble paid off, as the Bodygroom 7000 makes perfect use of its dual head system, without the latter hindering the use of the device. This duality extends the Bodygroom's field of operation, even if a final pass with a mechanical shaver is unavoidable for an impeccable result. However, you have to deal with a device that cannot be disassembled, which does not really facilitate its maintenance. You also have to be careful with the little rubber cover that protects the connectors for the recharge, too fragile for our taste.






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