Razer Enki

A brand known to gamers for its peripherals and accessories, Razer has positioned itself in the office seating segment. With a look inspired by automotive bucket seats, the Enki has adjustments for a comfortable long-lasting seat.



Positioned a little higher in the range of Razer gaming chairs than the Iskur model, the Enki (green version tested) does not go unnoticed with its line inspired by sports car seats. Our model also proudly displays its Razer affiliation with perfectly visible stitching in the brand's colors.

The installation of the different elements of the Enki chair is not really a problem. You just have to follow step by step the recommendations provided by the documentation (large thin cardboard box). Razer does things right and even provides a pair of gloves - to protect your hands or to avoid leaving fingerprints? - and an Allen screwdriver. The manufacturer also has the good taste to add two extra screws in case of loss, as well as covers to hide some visible screws. The assembly takes about 20 minutes and it is preferable to be two, especially to insert the backrest which weighs its weight and is delicate to handle alone.



Because we all have different body types, seating comfort varies from person to person and it is important that office chairs can adapt. The presence of many adjustments is therefore essential and the Enki proposes to set the seat height at 10 cm, which is quite comfortable.

The position of the arms and hands on the desk is a very important criterion to avoid keeping the wrists in a bad position leading to long term pain. The armrests of the Razer Enki can be adjusted in four directions (4D). You can adjust the height, the lateral position, the horizontal direction, but also the depth. The latter is essential to bring the seat closer to the desk and find the right distance to work or play. On this point, the Enki ticks all the boxes.

Like the Iskur model from the same brand, the Enki proudly displays a look that is reminiscent of bucket seats in the automotive world. This is an assertive choice, but it imposes some returns on the sides of the backrest that may bother the widest of people. The backrest of the chair is also quite high and has an integrated headrest. Comfortable for tall people who can rest their backs all the way up. As the head does not need to be supported all the time, the presence of a headrest, which is not removable, was not essential, but this is probably part of the "gaming style". Anyway, we will avoid the cushion which is certainly very comfortable (memory foam, ideal for the little nap...), but maintains too firmly the head in a position. It also hinders certain movements, which can lead to neck and headaches in the long run. Moreover, the strap of maintenance which passes through the headrest imposes a positioning much too low of the cushion for a person exceeding 1,80 m.




The backrest can also be tilted back up to 152° for relaxing moments. Also note that the chair's tilt can be adjusted to slightly follow the body's movements. The intensity of the resistance offered by the tilt can be adjusted via a knob under the seat.

In terms of lumbar support, the Razer Enki chair has a built-in, non-adjustable bulge, which is quite surprising for a chair in this price range. However, we had several of the editors test the chair with fairly disparate body sizes and the support was sufficient for most of the guinea pigs. The curve helps to keep the back in a good position and limit fatigue.

The seat is quite wide and the slightly curved shape of the seat again provides good support. As is often the case with chairs of this level, it is not possible to adjust the length of the seat. As for the rotation of the chair, it is extremely fluid and pleasant.



Like the Iskur chair, the Enki model benefits from a careful construction. The different parts of the chair fit together well and the materials used seem qualitative. The levers react well and are easy to operate. However, we note that the protective covers are made of a lower quality plastic.

The seat has two types of finish. You'll find both a rather nice synthetic leatherette material (presented as eco-friendly by Razer) and velvet areas in the center of the chair. There is no leather on the Enki and the documentation specifies that it is a synthetic "leather" EPU or polyurethane without solvent, DMF, phthalate, lead, azo dyes or formaldehyde (phew!). The whole thing is obviously not as breathable as an elastomer mesh seat, but the central velvet is pleasant to the touch and has the merit of not sticking to the skin when it is too hot. On the other hand, it will be more difficult to clean if it gets dirty and quickly catches dust and other small crumbs. Impossible to say how this coating will evolve over time with friction.

The effect sought with the visible green seams is rather successful, but it is above all a matter of taste. Note that there is a less flashy black version.

The wheels offered by Razer are quiet and can be replaced by fixed feet. However, moving the chair is a bit difficult and you have to move it quite a bit to move it.

The seat is comfortable and very firm. This may be surprising the first few times, but this firmness proves pleasant throughout the day. The backrest is also very firm, but again it is for our own good. The velvet-like upholstery is also "warm" enough not to surprise. The plastic armrests could have been slightly curved to accommodate the forearms more easily.

Enveloping, soft and firm at the same time, Razer succeeds in its bet with a typical, but comfortable gaming seat.



The Enki chair from Razer leaves a good overall impression. The seat will suit people who are looking for firmness and multiple adjustments. However, we regret the absence of a lumbar adjustment to ensure a personalized comfort and support, as well as the head cushion fixed by default is too low.






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