Samsung HW-Q900A

Samsung's flagship sound bar is back with the HW-Q900A, a 2021/2022 version with very few new features, but still excellent in many respects.



The HW-Q900A is the result of the annual renewal of Samsung's sound bar catalog and therefore logically replaces the HW-Q900T released in 2020. On paper as in practice, the points that differentiate the two models are very minimal. We therefore recommend reading the Q900T test in detail before reading the rest of this short test which focuses on the new features introduced by the Q900A.

The HW-Q900A is exactly the same as its predecessor in terms of design and overall usability. It is a sound bar that is certainly quite bulky, but relatively thin and above all extremely well finished. The connectivity, relatively complete, has also not moved a hair: the limitations related to video streams (no support for Ultra HD at 120 Hz and/or Variable Refresh Rate by the sound bar) remain. This 2021 version retains its wireless capabilities (Bluetooth and wifi), but gains versatility with the introduction of Chromecast Audio and AirPlay 2 compatibility in addition to Spotify Connect support.

Compared to its predecessor, the HW-Q900T also gains a couple of small bonus features, Tap Sound and SpaceFit Sound+, unfortunately exclusive to users of Samsung smartphones and some of the manufacturer's TVs (2021 Qled TVs). The first allows you to continue playing music from the smartphone on the soundbar in a gesture; the second is an acoustic calibration tool based on the microphones of the TV.

The sound experience offered by the HW-Q900A is extremely close to that of the HW-900T, if not identical... And we're clearly not going to complain about it, because it's still among the best on the market. Samsung's high-end soundbar always amazes with its richness, balance and level of definition of its sound reproduction, as well as its colossal power reserve and impeccable distortion control.

The sound projection method of the bar used for 3D audio virtual spatialization is still very convincing, but it depends on the positioning of the bar in the room and the acoustics of the room to work optimally. Again, we refer you to the HW-900T test for more information on this subject.



Bis repetita for the HW-Q900A which takes absolutely all the ingredients that make the strength of its elder, the HW-Q900T, with the bonus of a small gain in versatility on its connected aspect. This 2021 version is therefore still one of the unavoidable references in the segment of high-end Dolby Atmos/DTS:X soundbars, and still an excellent home-cinema audio solution.






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