Smeg KLF04

The Smeg KLF04 kettle has finally arrived in our laboratory. This model stands out from the competition thanks to a particularly retro design and many colors offered. It is the pink version that we test here.



Sold at $229.95, the Smeg KLF04 is a very high-end kettle that is characterized more by its atypical design than by its multiple technologies. Looking like it came straight out of the 1950s, it will undoubtedly have a great effect in the kitchen. This model has seven temperature settings (between 50°C and 100°C), as well as a keep-warm function that keeps the water at the right temperature for 20 minutes after boiling.

We received the pink model, but Smeg offers the KLF04 in seven other colors.


Convenience of use

The Smeg KLF04PKEU can't deny its origins, and you'll immediately recognize the retro 1950s look dear to the manufacturer. Dressed in pink, this stainless steel kettle simply displays the brand name in the middle of the carafe when it is removed from its stand.

When empty, the Smeg KLF04PKEU already weighs 1.8 kg on the scale: this means that when filled to its maximum (1.7 l), it will weigh a lot and will require good biceps to handle it.

As you approach the product, you will notice that the temperature control is located on the base. This chromed selector allows you to select one of the seven temperature levels (50°C to 100°C). Retro design obliges, we find no digital indication of the temperature in real time, unlike the Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro for example.

However, an indicator light shows the gradual rise in temperature of the kettle. When the water reaches boiling point, a sound signal is heard.

On either side of the temperature control are two buttons: the one on the left allows you to start or stop the heating of the water, while the one on the right keeps the water at the temperature you have chosen for 20 minutes. The base offers the possibility to place the kettle in any position on the base. Left-handed people are not forgotten.

The button that releases the lid to fill the kettle is located on the top of the kettle and not on the handle, as it can sometimes happen.

The anti-scale filter, which is responsible for trapping scale particles so that they do not end up in the cup during service, is removable.




Easy to clean

The Smeg KLF04's bowl is opaque, so it won't require as much maintenance as an all-glass model, such as the Severin WK3422, to keep it sparkling like new.

The kettle's opening is large enough to easily access and clean the bowl. We did not observe any lime deposits in the bottom of the tank, but you will need to clean it well from time to time by diluting white vinegar with water before starting a heating.

On the outside of the Smeg KLF04, a simple wipe with a microfiber cloth is all it takes to remove the dust.



The Smeg KLF04 takes 1 minute 57 seconds to heat 1 liter of water from 20°C to 95°C. This makes it particularly fast compared to the other appliances in our comparison. In fact, this kettle is the fastest. For your information, the KitchenAid 5KEK1032ESS needs 5 minutes for the water to reach 95 °C.

Nevertheless, the Smeg KLF04's ability to keep water warm "naturally" (i.e. without the keep warm option) is far less exciting than its eagerness to raise the temperature. In fact, 15 minutes after boiling, the thermometer shows only 80°C. The temperature then drops to 68 °C after 30 min and 53 °C one hour later.

In short, the Smeg does not know how to keep the heat and it is therefore preferable to use the still boiling water very quickly so as not to enjoy your Oo-long tea lukewarm or even cold.





The noise level of the Smeg KLF04 does not exceed 56 dB (A) during the boiling process, which is relatively quiet. So there is no risk of waking up the household while making your morning tea.

Today, the least noisy kettle in our comparison is none other than the Princess 01.236024.01.001 which emits no more than 51 dB (A).



To bring 1 l of water to the boil, the Smeg KLF04 consumes 0.091 kWh, making it one of the most energy-efficient kettles in our comparison, alongside the Aicok KE8026, which requires 0.099 kWh to complete the same exercise.



Behind its retro and original body, the Smeg KLF04 is an efficient and fast kettle, whose seven temperature levels - an option that is not so widespread - should delight tea lovers. The only drawback is that its very limited isothermal capacity means that the water cools down very quickly if the Keep Warm function is not activated.






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