SteelSeries Prime+

The SteelSeries Prime+ is a high-end gaming mouse that goes for the basics and focuses on competitive gaming. There's no colorful design here, but a dual optical sensor, responsive buttons and even a mini OLED screen.



After testing a versatile Rival 5, we're back at SteelSeries with a more high-end model that doesn't really target the same type of gamers. Gone are the aesthetic frills and the numerous buttons: the Prime+ really goes to the basics and promises a gaming experience without any missteps for the pros.

Despite this sobriety, the manufacturer has placed an OLED screen under the mouse in addition to a second optical sensor, which makes the price somewhat higher than a "classic" Prime.



At first glance, it would be almost difficult to categorize the Prime+ as a gaming model. Apart from a bright border on both sides of the wheel, this mouse is quite plain. Those who don't like all the RGB LEDs and designs that are too typical of video games will be delighted. Here, the coating is entirely matte black (except for the gray logo of the brand) and slightly rough. The mouse has total dimensions of 125.3 x 67.9 x 42.4 mm and a weight of 71 g. A model that weighs little, therefore, even if other ultralight competitors go up to 60 g.

We find this sobriety in the buttons and features since the mouse has only six buttons in total: two main clicks, two lateral for the thumb, a scroll wheel button and one located under the mouse. No scroll wheel with horizontal buttons, no free or smooth scrolling no, the wheel is notched and that's it. On the other hand, the wheel is precise, the notches being well marked, which is perfect to avoid activating several notches at once during the game.

The Prime+'s main buttons aren't adorned with simple mechanical switches, but with SteelSeries' own optical and magnetic Prestige OM versions. Unlike most switches where parts make contact to activate the click, it's a magnet that exerts force on the spring to hold it in place, and then when you try to click, that spring passes a beam of light that triggers activation. The system is therefore similar to what can be found on the optical-mechanical switches of some keyboards.

In theory, the response time is thus reduced and the metal parts do not have any physical friction, which makes them more durable. Difficult to evaluate in practice, but it's clear that here the responsiveness is there. The clicks are marked, precise, and their return very fast. Moreover, they are guaranteed for 100 million activations, which is an extraordinary longevity. If the side buttons do not benefit from the same technology, they are perfectly stable and responsive.

The mouse is designed for right-handed users only, but we must admit that its grip is excellent, one of the best we have tested. Like Razer's Basilisk, the shell is slightly slanted and fits perfectly in the palm grip, but it is obviously suitable for the claw grip or finger tip grip.

If the Prime+ is wired, its cable can be detached to be replaced if needed. On the other hand, the connector is a kind of proprietary microUSB, which will prevent users from using a standard cable in case of problems... As on the Rival 5, it is in any case a bit rigid, but made of paracord and therefore slides better than the classic plastic cables.

Still on the subject of glide, this is ensured by four PTFE pads under the mouse that make the movements quite fluid on a carpet. In addition to the two sensors, there is the famous Oled screen of the Prime+ and an associated button. This screen allows you to change the settings of the mouse directly, without going through the SteelSeries GG software, and everything is done using the button and the wheel. A short press on the button increases the sensitivity levels of the sensor (from 400 to 3200 dpi basic), while a long press allows access to the menu. From then on, you can navigate through it with the wheel and use the right and left clicks to validate or go back. Some elements can be adjusted such as the color of the LED on the wheel, the pickup distance or the polling rate.

This works well in practice, but while displaying the current sensitivity can be interesting, the rest is ultimately very gimmicky. Gamers don't normally change their settings every 5 minutes, and it's quicker to use the SteelSeries GG software, which gives a clearer overview, more precise settings and the possibility to change the button shortcuts. In this software, you can also customize the message displayed on the screen or draw. Funny, but frankly useless since it is located under the mouse and is therefore almost never seen...


SteelSeries-Prime+ review



As for its other mice of the moment, SteelSeries uses an in-house sensor, here its most powerful model TrueMove Pro+. Probably based on the excellent Pixart PWM 3389, it has been modified in partnership with SteelSeries to achieve a sensitivity of 18,000 dpi, a tracking of 450 fps, and supports accelerations of 50 g. This high level of performance is coupled with another sensor that only takes care of measuring the lift distance of the mouse. Adjustable as we have written, this element can be used by players who regularly put their mouse back on the carpet without wanting to cause any unintentional movement of the cursor. There's nothing to complain about when it comes to the precision of the Prime+, which should not suffer from any shortcomings during your gaming sessions, even among the most demanding among you.


SteelSeries GG configuration software

This new software suite includes the Engine tool for managing the brand's peripherals. You can configure the mouse lighting (intensity, colors and effects), but also assign shortcuts to the different buttons. It is also possible to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor and assign the steps to the dedicated button, decrease the polling rate or change the sensitivity acceleration if needed. It is also possible to change the main message of the Oled screen.

From now on, the suite integrates the Moments application, a screen capture tool to record your game sessions in particular. However, you must create an account to use it.





The SteelSeries Prime+ is a mouse clearly built for gaming. Its exemplary grip, the responsiveness and longevity of its optical switches, and its dual sensor make it a choice ally for competitive multiplayer, even if it is not as light as some competitors. Its strength is also a weakness: it is indeed not very versatile and will hardly be used in office automation, due to a wheel that is certainly efficient, but very basic. If its Oled screen is interesting on paper, in practice its usefulness is very limited, especially since it causes an additional cost compared to the Prime model without screen.






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