Vtech Kidizoom Duo DX

The Kidizoom Duo DX is an atypical camera produced by Vtech. In addition to its screen viewer, it has two tunnel viewers and even offers mini-games.



We won't go so far as to say that Vtech has a very rich range of cameras for children, but the Chinese manufacturer still offers some interesting devices. Apart from the Kidizoom Touch 5.0, which is distinguished by its big smartphone look and its touch screen, Vtech also has the Kidizoom Duo DX tested here.

Apart from its rather different design, with its two large side handles and two tunnel viewers - one for each eye - and the absence of a touch screen, it remains technically very close to the Touch 5.0. It is of course a very specific camera and cannot be directly compared to a classic compact camera.

As for the Touch 5.0, Vtech markets the Kidizoom Duo DX in two colors (pink and blue). It is sold since May 2020 at a price of 66$. The manufacturer intends this device for children between 3 and 12 years.


Imposing but fun

The Kidizoom Duo Dx is not a discreet camera. But it has the merit to be interesting to look at or to handle. Its two big handles - which contain the 4 LR6 batteries - and its double viewfinder make it a joyful object for children - and also a bit for adults. It is still quite bulky, especially for the small hands of our toddlers. We are talking about a device of 335 g and 16 x 8.5 x 5 cm.

This atypical design is far from being new. For Vtech, it is even a trademark for a few years now. The Duo DX is the latest in a line of digital cameras (APN) for children.

If the innards of the beast are more or less identical to those of the Touch 5.0, on the outside, it is mainly the absence of a touch screen that "upsets" the operation of the Duo DX. To compensate, it offers a navigation joystick. The 2.4-inch monitor is much smaller than the one on the Touch 5.0, so the images seem almost more flattering.

The connectivity and power supply are strictly identical to those of the high-end model. We therefore refer you to the Kidizoom Touch 5.0 test for more details. The two tunnel viewers, although amusing, are not very interesting. We will quickly use the screen viewer to get a good framing. The package also includes a stereo headset that allows you to listen to mp3 files - note that the sound level is not very high.

To digitally zoom, you have to use a small wheel located on the right shoulder of the camera. The Duo DX is also equipped with a rather playful function: by turning the ring installed around the lens, it is possible to change the filters applied to the photos. A bit gimmicky, but fun. Like the Touch 5.0, the DX Duo offers its share of mini-games and editing tools. Easy to use, they suffer from a more approximate readability due to the small size of the monitor.

Finally, the Kidizoom Duo DX has a parental control that allows you to limit access to the games and the time of use.



The Vtech Kidizoom Duo DX works very similarly to the Kidizoom Touch 5.0. However, it is a little faster when it is turned on, as it takes just over 6 seconds to take its first picture. The sequence of images is more complicated, however, since it takes 2.5 seconds between two photos. A 10-second self-timer is also available.




Image quality

For the shooting, the Kidizoom Duo DX embeds a sensor of 5 Mpx. The focusing distance is 45 cm. In addition to the application of filters, it is possible to change the definition of 5 to 2 MP and activate the flash. The selfie module houses a sensor of 2 MP.

Although similar on paper to the Touch 5.0, the Duo DX has a different look. First of all, during the day, it applies a much bluer tint to the images. Also, optics and processing are different: the pictures are a little less detailed than those of the Touch 5.0. At night with flash, however, the Duo DX offers a better exposure.

The level of sharpness is however slightly lower than that of the Touch 5.0, while remaining more than honorable for a children's camera.



The Kidizoom Duo DX offers 480p video recording in 4:3 format at 15 fps. It is possible to shoot for 5 consecutive minutes using the internal memory and up to 10 minutes using a microSD card.

Like the photo part, and even if the difference is small, the Duo DX offers videos with a slightly lower sharpness than the Touch 5.0 and still with this very bluish tint. We are therefore far from what the most basic of smartphones offers, even if the smallest children will of course manage to have fun with all the options offered.



The Kidizoom Duo DX from Vtech is a toy with an attractive format for children. It is easy to access and allows to practice photography in a playful way. Even if it remains far from the standards of photography on smartphones or with classic compact cameras, the Kidizoom Duo DX is still a camera for children with assets that its target audience should easily appreciate.






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