WMF kult pro blender

The brand WMF is not yet as Moulinex, Philips or consort, but regularly releases a few blenders worthy of interest. It's the turn of the Kult Pro Blender to move into our expert hands.

Positive Points
- Many accessories provided
- Aasy maintenance
- Simple to take in hand

Negative points
- Looting of ice
- Smoothie full of pieces
- Control panel not protected against splashing


kult pro blender



The WMF Kult Pro Blender was launched at € 120 a few months ago. For this price, the German brand offers a model with an advertised power of 1,200 W and provided with many accessories. In fact, the box contains a conventional bowl with a capacity of 1.2 l and a seed mill which also serves as a grass chopper thanks to its knife with two blades and a 300 ml container. There are also 2 gourds (500 ml and 700 ml) which simply replace the knife with a lid (supplied) after mixing to be able to carry his smoothie ride, without the need to transfer the liquid. WMF did not skimp on the accessories. We will see if the Kult Pro Blender is as efficient as it is well equipped.


WMF kult pro blender review



WMF products generally have excellent finish quality and, at first glance, the Kult Pro Blender is no exception. Its cylindrical engine block (2.16 kg), completely covered in brushed aluminum, inspires confidence at the first glance.

Unfortunately, this is not really the case of the control panel, a bit "cheap" for our taste. First, the keys are a bit too plastic. In addition, they are not fully covered by protection as can be the KitchenAid Artisan 5KSB555 (CleanTouch System); food residues are therefore likely to enter the interstices. Finally, the electronic display seems a bit small and it will squint at first use.

The control panel, precisely, accommodates 6 buttons. The two on the right turn the power on (or turn it off) and start (or stop) the mix. By pressing those on the left, you select one of the three programs offered (smoothie, crushed ice, mince) or the pulse function is activated (the blades rotate at maximum speed as long as the pressure is maintained). Finally, the "plus" and "minus" keys below the display allow you to change the mixing speed (6 available powers) either during mixing or before pressing the button that starts the process. We take the fold very quickly.

To finish with the engine block, specify that under it, there are four small suction cups that are not useful that do not hold the Kult Pro Blender when the maximum power is delivered suddenly (during the ice crushed program in particular), but no cord storage. Pity.


WMF kult pro blender test



The bowl of the Kult Pro Blender with a volume of 1.2 l is plastic and is therefore quite light; it weighs only 609 g with the lid. The latter has a double seal system whose seal is perfect, but it remains easy to remove, which is not always the case. At the top, WMF has planned a food insertion hatch being mixed, which is closed by a measuring cap. Like the Perfect Mix +, no security prevents the blender from working if the lid is not put - watch out for splashing!

Gourds are also plastic. Equipped with the nomadic lid, the smallest (500 ml) weighs 220 g and the largest (700 ml) 250 g. The tasting opening is wide enough to allow the smoothie to pass without difficulty while ensuring a constant air intake, which facilitates the tasting. In addition to the tightness of the cap, we appreciate the small plastic appendage for transport. But all is not perfect and these two gourds very impressive seem difficult to fit in a backpack a little filled.


WMF kult pro multifunctionele blender



To crush ice cream or prepare a smoothie, the Kult Pro Blender quickly shows its limits. The crushed ice program lasts only 15 seconds and after several blows, more than half of the ice remains intact. The preparation of the smoothie is not more effective. At the end of the 60s program, only banana and yogurt were mixed. As for the apple quarters, they are almost intact. The maximum power of 570 W used for the smoothie program seems sufficient for this exercise, the cause of this failure is rather to look for the side of the bowl and the knife, both unsuitable. To obtain a drinkable smoothie, it is therefore obligatory to carefully prepare the food, carefully cutting it before inserting it into the bowl. And again, even in this case, there are large chunks of fruit, uncomfortable to eat during the tasting.

The bowl of the Kult Pro Blender does not pose any maintenance problem since it can be disassembled entirely. In addition, all items are dishwasher safe; It's hard to make it simpler. While it is sometimes more difficult to clean the bottom of nomadic gourds because of their narrowness (we think of the Philips Avance Collection Mix & Go HR3655 / 00 in particular), it is very convenient to wash those of the Kult Pro Blender, very wide . Plus, they too can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

At 250 W, the WMF kult pro blender is relatively quiet as the sound level does not exceed 73 dB (A). Of course, the noise increases with the speed of the blades and when pushed to its limits, the sound level of Kult pro Blender reaches 82 dB (A); however, it remains far from the KitchenAid Artisan 5KSB5080 and its 91 dB (A).





If we can forgive the WMF Kult Pro Blender some design flaws as this control panel full of interstices where can lodge the food, difficult on the other hand to override a mixing efficiency to the absent subscribers. And it is not the many accessories provided, the simplicity of its handling or its maintenance that overcomes this major handicap for a blender.


WMF kult pro blender





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