Aukey power bank 20000mah

Aukey second battery with 20,000 mAh on the meter after the PB-N15, the aukey power bank 20000mah offers a slightly different design and a little more flexibility.

Positive Points
- Big capacity
- Minimal difference between advertised and actual capacity
- Impeccable finishes

Negative points
- Diode too weak
- Inaccurate charge indicator
- The power delivered could be more important


Aukey power bank 20000mah review



In line with the rest of the manufacturer's catalog, the aukey power bank 20000mah sports a sober and simple design in the form of black brick. As is often the case with Aukey, the hull gives off a pleasant impression of solidity and the finishes are impeccable. The opposite side of the button is screen printed with the technical details of the device.

In terms of measurements, the power bank has a length of almost 15 cm for a little more than 8 cm wide and 2 cm thick. In a slightly lower volume, the N15 from the same manufacturer offers the same capacity, but weighs significantly higher since it displays 454g on the scale against 383g for this Aukey 20000 mAh.

Unfortunately, as on other models, especially the PB-T3, the LED indication battery level plays a little economy issue power. It is not necessarily obvious in broad daylight to identify the color displayed. The indications are still too vague for our taste with only 3 colors of leds, red, green, and white, to indicate respectively a level of charge between 0 and 20%, 20 and 60% and 60 and 100%.


Aukey 20000 mah power bank for smartphone



First of all, let us emphasize the effort made by Aukey concerning the diversity of the connections offered. Indeed, in addition to the traditional USB and micro-USB ports, the aukey power bank 20000mah has a Lightning port to charge the battery. Apple enthusiasts will be delighted to be able to ship only one cable. USB port point C on the other hand; regrettable, but understandable given the relative discretion of the standard on the market today. Note however that only a micro-USB cable is provided in the box.

Autonomy question, the 20 000 mAh announced in 3.7 V must first be converted into 4.7 V (value used in our test lab) which brings the total capacity to 15 745 mAh. In fact, the battery actually offers 14,840 mAh. A difference of 5.7% compared to the advertised capacity. A difference a little more important than with the PB-N15, but remains in the top of the basket of external batteries. This will reload almost 9 times an smartphone.

As for the output intensity, during our tests it fluctuated between 1.2 A and 2.3 A depending on whether you connect a smartphone or tablet. This is not enough for a fast charge of a mobile. Astonishing when we know that the battery is supposed to detect the connected device and manage the power in agreement. Note however that the auker power bank has the good taste not to divide the power when two devices are connected simultaneously. Finally, it will take a good dozen hours for the load. The price of a big capacity.





The aukey power bank 20000mah resumes and slightly improves the recipe used on the oldest PB-N15. By offering more flexibility on connectivity and a little more content weight, it will delight those who have significant energy needs mobility. We just regret that the load is not more punchy on some mobiles and the diode is not more showy and accurate.


Aukey power bank 20000mah portable charger




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