Gift for your grandmother

Sunday, March 7 is Grandma's Day. On this occasion, we offer you 9 modern gift ideas to spoil one of the most important women in your life. Whether she's tech-savvy or not, there's something for everyone.


1 - A connected bracelet, to follow your health easily



Connected bracelets can collect a lot of data about the health of its user. For your grandmother, we recommend the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

Indeed, its screen is always well readable and its autonomy is excellent (10 to 20 days). Its features are basic, which makes it easy to use. In addition, your grandmother can change the background of the screen to make it even easier to use.

With this bracelet, she can, for example, check her heart rate and get an alert when it is too high to reduce the intensity of her current physical activity. She also has access to a pedometer and sleep analysis. In addition, this bracelet is waterproof which allows her to wear it without worrying about getting it wet or completely immersed.


2 - A Lovebox, to let her know that you are thinking of her at all times



Whether in black and white or in color, we're sure you'll hit the nail on the head with this gift.

A real nugget, this box is a connected messaging box. The principle is quite simple: you send a message to the box, the heart turns, your grandma opens the box and sees your message.

You just need to connect the object to the Internet the first time, as well as link your smartphone, and you are ready to give all your love to your granny despite the distance. Several different smartphones can send messages, so the whole family can get involved!


3 - A reader, to increase the writing characters easily



If your grandmother is an avid reader but the font size of her favorite books is getting too small for her, then a reading device is probably the best way to remedy that. For this, we recommend the Kindle.

Both are easy to use, ergonomic and offer backlighting. The main difference is that the Paperwhite also has a waterproofing feature that comes in handy when reading in the bath or at the beach.

With both, your grandmother can increase the font size as she likes, change books in seconds and take thousands of books on vacation without weighing down her purse. For those who like to learn more and more, the presence of the translator and dictionary is also a plus.


4 - A cheap smartphone, to stay in touch anywhere



If your grandma has been talking to you for months about getting a new phone, this is your chance to give her an easy-to-grip smartphone like the Redmi Note 9T.

It combines a good level of performance with high battery life and neat ergonomics. In addition, the layout of the buttons is well thought out, which makes it easy to use. In fact, it proudly occupies the title of entry-level reference in terms of smartphone.

With it, your grandmother will be able to install the applications she wants without having to worry about those she doesn't need.


5 - An instant camera, to reconnect with your passion for photography without waiting for the print



Trendy since the 50's, it's a safe bet that if your grandma didn't have an instant camera, she probably already held one in her hand when she was younger. That's why we suggest you offer her the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9.

Simple and efficient in its handling, this model stands out by its reduced basic investment and its moderate cost to print. The result is rather satisfactory. However, the flash is automatically activated, which sometimes creates situations of overexposure.


6 - A cheap Chromebook, to replace your old slow PC



Often overlooked, Chromebooks are fast laptops running Chrome OS (a free and open source operating system developed by Google). As a result, they offer high hardware and software quality for a reasonable price. For your grandmother, we recommend the Acer model.

This makes it an interesting model for your grandmother, as long as she doesn't give it too much work. The little bonus of this gift is that you will explain to her how to use it, which offers her your company for a few extra hours...


7 - A digital photo frame, to see your photos whenever she wants



If you too miss the time when you compiled each event in an album, then a digital photo frame is a good solution to remedy this situation. With it, she'll be able to see the latest family photos or vacation photos in a few seconds.

Basic but effective, the Nix 8 Inch highlights your images, videos and photos. It is intuitive which makes it easy to use. Moreover, you don't need a smartphone to use it and it can be controlled with a remote control. To activate it, it's quite simple: insert an SD card or a USB key and... Go!

With this gift, you will have a small duty before going to grandma's house: prepare your photos on one of these media to make her discover your new pictures regularly. We advise you to have two cards or USB keys so that you can leave one at home and take the other one to put your new pictures.


8 - A tablet, to connect to your favorite applications without compromise



Your grandmother is a fan of applications but doesn't really have the use of a PC and finds the screen of her smartphone too small to read her emails or go on social networks? Then a tablet is the ideal solution and we recommend the Galaxy Tab A from Samsung.

Its 10-inch size allows a good readability of the IPS screen which is sharp and offers a good color reproduction. Moreover, the autonomy is very good with 2 days for intensive use.

This version is under Wi-Fi and is quite fluid in all usual activities. However, there is a slight lack of performance for more demanding games. This is quite common at this price point.


9 - A connected doorbell, to see who rings the doorbell before opening it



Whether it's during a housework, DIY or other task, it's very convenient to be able to quickly answer a "Yes, wait, I'm coming" to the letter carrier or a relative without having to run around the house to open the door at the risk of seeing his precious (package or friend) go away.

For this reason, we advise you to offer the Ring Video Doorbell 3 to your granny at the cutting edge of technology. Connected to her smartphone, she can check who is ringing the doorbell and talk to them. If she wants, the doorbell can also be connected to devices in Amazon's Alexa ecosystem.

She can also take out a subscription for the doorbell to turn into a surveillance camera. Recording automatically kicks in via a motion sensor and when someone rings the doorbell so she can see who's been by in her absence.



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