Logitech pop mouse

In addition to its POP Keys keyboard, Logitech also offers a color-coordinated mouse. The POP Mouse is compact, wireless and silent.



Logitech wanted to mark the occasion with its POP series, whose aesthetics are quite different from those of other office peripherals on the market. In addition to the POP Keys keyboard (sold separately) that we also tested, the manufacturer offers the POP Mouse, a small wireless mouse that completes the set in color. The colors available are the same as for the keyboards - blast (yellow/black), daydream (mauve, green) and hearthbreaker (raspberry) - and the mouse is priced at $40. A price that seems a bit high considering the performance delivered, but here is our full test to judge.



With the POP Mouse, Logitech has more or less taken over the design of its Pebble M350 by adding some elements and brighter colors. Even if plastic is king here, the construction and finishing are of high quality.

The mouse has dimensions of 10.5 x 5.9 x 3.5 cm, a weight of 82 g and remains quite flat. In any case, it is perfectly ambidextrous, but it does not really fit in the palm of a large palm and you will have to prefer the claw grip. This compact size cannot be called "ergonomic".

Logitech has kept it simple and there is no non-slip coating on the sides, or even side buttons. We are treated to two perfectly silent main clicks that are the strength of this mouse, as well as a notched rubber scroll wheel. Unfortunately, it is also very basic and has a single click, but no smooth or horizontal scrolling.

Under the wheel is a button that allows you to access the emoji menu, like what some keyboards now offer (the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard in particular). This shortcut can be used by social networkers for whom the POP series is intended, even if the interest appears more limited on the mouse.

Lifting the plastic cover of the POP Mouse allows you to change the AA battery (included), which should give it an excellent autonomy since it is announced at two years. Underneath the mouse, there is an on/off button and the Easy-Switch button to connect it to three different devices. The connection is made via Bluetooth or a Logibolt receiver, provided you have one. It is indeed included with the POP Keys keyboard, but not the mouse.





We don't really have any information from Logitech about the optical sensor of its mouse. If it is possible to adjust the sensitivity in the Logitech Options software, there is no button to do so on the mouse and we don't know the exact dpi setting. For office use, there is plenty of leeway and we did not identify any problems. It is possible to use the mouse on a carpet (recommended, of course) or on a desk directly. However, the sensor is not suitable for glass desks.



Options makes it easy to manage your Logitech desktop devices. With the POP Mouse, there are actually very few settings available. You can change the shortcut of the scroll wheel button and change the shortcut of the emoji menu to a particular specimen or another shortcut.

The Pointer and Scroll menu allows you to change the pointer speed and the direction of the scroll wheel if you want to reverse it.





The POP Mouse is a small wireless peripheral that is easy to take everywhere and its silent clicks are appreciable. It will obviously match very well with the POP Keys keyboard to give a bit of color to a desktop, but it offers finally few features and aesthetics comes before the rest. This is something to consider before getting your hands on it.






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