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Manufacturers of smartphone hulls are teeming with people on the Internet. Each brand offers different models and prices. This accessory has become essential since this type of device first appeared on the high-tech market. Phone protection covers are available by the thousands simply because you need a model for each new smartphone. Manufacturers also release different designs. Some people focus on originality by adding shapes, glitter or patterns. But the RhinoShield brand has above all worked on solidity. The aesthetics of their protective shells are still well maintained.

The company was created in April 2012 by two brothers. One is specialized in materials science and the other is an expert in logistics. They worked together to create a polymer alloy called ShockSpread. It is this material that they use to make their hulls and screen protectors. This technology allows robustness, but also flexibility. RhinoShield's research and development teams are constantly working to improve the characteristics and specificities of their products. The brand's motto is to combine protection and elegance. ShockSpread polymer alloy is extremely strong, but can also be softened to facilitate hull installation. There is no permanent deformation as with shells made of TPU/PC. In addition, the shells manufactured by RhinoShield are 100% Bisphenol-A free. It is a toxic component used in plastic products. As a result, the hull is 100% recyclable and there is no danger to you or your loved ones.

Rinoshield case review



RhinoShield case claim to perfectly protect your smartphone. So we wanted to check for ourselves what these hulls were really worth on a daily basis. We deliver our opinion after several months of use. We explain to you if they keep their promises. During our test we received RhinoShield shells for Iphone X, XS and Samsung S9 smartphones. The hull we tested on a daily basis was a SolidSuit with a wood finish. Here we will talk to you about the ergonomics, the wear resistance of a RhinoShield shell on a daily basis.

Let's be clear from the beginning, buying a shell of this brand does not make your smartphone invulnerable. There is no such thing as invulnerability! On the other hand, it is undeniable that they are solid. In 6 months of use we dropped our smartphone several times from the hull and it was always well protected. The protective shells are made of a polymer (plastic) mixture. According to the brand, this mixture is standard in the American army. The name of the material and these technical specifications are more relevant for the marketing side. In the end, we remember above all that the hulls are capable of resisting a fall from a height of about 3 metres.

So yes, the hull is resistant to shocks and drops, but what about the smartphone? Well, it depends on a number of factors. Especially the fall and angle of your smartphone. This famous polymer blend absorbs some of the shocks, of course, but it will also transmit some to the structure of your smartphone. So your smartphone is not invulnerable when using this type of shell. It even makes no sense to talk about invulnerability, because your smartphone is not protected by an anti-gravitational magnetic field.


RHinoshield case



A good point for this plastic mixture. It does not contain Bisphenol A, S and F. For those who don't know what they know. They are simply plastics that are dangerous for people and the environment. When you have it in your hand, the shell offers a good impression of rigidity. It's flexible enough to put your smartphone inside, but the maneuver is still a little complicated. The SolidSuit hull is a monohull model that covers the back, sides and a little bit the front. There is a small bead to protect the screen. On a daily basis we have chosen a model with a wood finish. It is simply a thin sheet of wood that is glued to the back of the hull.

In terms of ergonomics, it will completely change the look and feel of your smartphone. It feels like you have an off-road smartphone on hand. Those that are covered with protection for better resistance (they are used on construction sites and during outdoor outings). What is a pity when using this type of shell is that you will have trouble connecting the external accessories to your Lightning, Micro USB or USB-C port. The other negative point on the design side is that by using it, you never know which way your smartphone is. With the thickness of the shell, you no longer feel the roughness of the camera, you no longer feel it in your hand. So when you take it out of your pocket you will sometimes take it out backwards.

The borders are super wide, it's really a good thing for everyday use. There is enough depth to protect the screen well, even when your smartphone falls on the screen side. The small problem with these wide borders is that it tends to accumulate dust on the screen. But this problem can be found with all these types of hulls. What we like is that the buttons are interchangeable. For 3 euros you can change the color of your buttons on the sides. It's very easy to install, you can even buy a multicolored pack if you want to change the color of your buttons every day. At the customization level you can also add an lens holder for RhinoShield lenses. This is interesting if you want to have fun with the different focal lengths. What is unfortunate is that it is not compatible with competing objectives. The other negative point on this lens holder is its metal interior which tends to grate the inside of your pocket and put dust on the lenses. So you will have to do a little cleaning when you use it.


Rhinoshield case review



Visual level we all notice immediately that the use of the shell gives a little plastic side to your smartphone. It always hurts to cover the great design of your smartphone with a protective shell. But good at the price we pay for it, we prefer to know it is protected. Our wooden hull has a lot more to offer. Dark wood is attractive. The RhinoShield logo printed on the hull remains sufficiently discreet. When you look more closely at the hull you realize that it is not a one-piece assembly. There are junctions that are made on the structure. However, it doesn't represent fragility, we just noticed that it wasn't made in one piece.

We used the hull for 6 months. It has always been present on the smartphone during our use. The plastic of the hull held pretty well. The only plastic part that has suffered the most is at the connection point. This is due to friction each time the charging cable is connected. The wood held very well, the leaf didn't come off at all. However, we do not spare during our use phase. There were just a few notches, but it is normal that it has suffered several impacts on the asphalt and gravel. Otherwise the state of the wood color remained as it was on the first day. The wear resistance of the RhinoShield hull did not disappoint us.





The RhinoShield case protects your smartphone well. The plastic has suffered some marks after 6 months of use, but the resistance is there. We have clearly seen worse in the phone shell market. The selling price of Rhinoshield hulls is justified, you get a very good product. Your smartphone will be protected from shocks and falls, but it will not become invulnerable.


rhinoshield phone case




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