The Best Car Phone Holder

After several hours of extensive research and after comparing more than 30 products, we decided to choose the Mpow CD Slot Phone Mount as the best car phone holder available. Compact and above all very affordable, it offers a stable, secure base that is compatible with most phones.


Mpow CD Slot Phone Mount




Compact, the Mpow attaches from your car's CD slot. Placed at eye level, its strategic position is designed to promote driving by reducing the risk of accidents.

Praised by many critics, the Mpow boasts both quality and affordability. Easy to install, your phone is securely attached to it but remains easily accessible thanks, in particular, to the adjustable stand that allows you to manipulate it with one hand.








This universal and magnetic holder is fixed on the dashboard of your car. Among its advantages: easy fixing, a powerful and resistant magnet, and good ergonomics.

Resistant to vibration and curves, the WizGear magnetic holder offers great positioning possibilities. Not only can you decide how to position your phone according to your own needs, but you can also be sure that the phone will be held securely in place thanks to the magnet's intensive force of attraction.




iOttie Easy One Touch 4




Practical and clever, the iOttie Easy One Touch 4 can be fixed on the dashboard or on the windscreen of your car thanks to its suction cup system. More than just a holder, it also acts as a charger.

In addition to displaying a product that is almost infallible due to the combination of the suction cup and clamps system, iOttie manages to stand out from its competitors by offering a support capable of recharging your phone simultaneously. This functionality combined with the presence of a telescopic arm makes it a real practical gadget.




Kenu Airframe Pro




Designed to house phones up to 6 inches, the Kenu Airframe Pro can be attached to your car's ventilation system. If it has a clip system, there is also a magnetic version available.

Presented as one of the most advanced supports of its generation, the Kenu Airframe Pro is built from high-end materials that ensure a fairly good stability. While its attachment allows it to adapt to all types of ventilation, it contributes above all to the adaptability of the support. From portrait to landscape format, the Kenu Airframe Pro can be rotated 360° in order to offer optimal visibility to the user.




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How did we make our choice?

At a time when our smartphones have become true companions on the road, car phone holders have become a real necessity. While several studies have shown that using the phone while driving reduces the driver's attention by 30-50%, these phone holders offer us a safer alternative that is supposed to prevent any risk of accident on the road or, at least, to allow the driver to use the GPS application of his smartphone without endangering his life. But if smartphones are all more or less similar and if the constraints of driving are more or less the same for everyone, choosing the right support is not a decision to be taken lightly.

That's why we tell you what criteria to take into account when you want to buy one online:


- Compatibility

Before making any purchase, first make sure that the holder is compatible with your car and your phone. Compatibility is an essential criterion that directly influences the quality of the media. If you choose a cradle that is not compatible with your ventilation system, you will not be able to fit your smartphone in it. The same is true if you decide to opt for a clip system that can't offer enough space to hold your phone.


- The type of frame

When we talk about the type of mount, we mean the system that allows the mount to adhere to the car. There are mainly three of them: the suction cup system, the clamp system and the CD end cap. The location of the holder therefore varies depending on the mount, for example it can be attached to the dashboard, windscreen, ventilation system or even in the CD slot. Each possibility offers more or less optimal visibility.


- The type of support

The type of holder corresponds to the part intended for the location of the phone. There are two main categories, namely magnetic holders and clip holders. Magnetic mounts use a magnetic plate that is glued to the back of your smartphone, whereas clip mounts use pliers to grip the phone. It is the presence of this plate that allows magnetic attraction (and repulsion) between the holder and the phone.


- Stability and accessibility

To fully enjoy a car phone holder, stability and accessibility are two points that cannot be neglected, since a good holder is above all a holder that is resistant to road jolts and can be handled with one hand only. Note that these two criteria cannot be achieved if compatibility was not taken into account at the beginning.


It is indeed on the basis of these criteria that we have managed to find what we believe to be the best car phone holders available on the European market.


Mpow CD Slot Phone Mount




The Mpow Car CD slot offers excellent value for money. In addition to being suitable for all types of smartphones, it is also unique in its use of the CD slot as a mounting system. Indeed, if the CD player has been rendered obsolete by the appearance of bluetooth systems and USB keys, it is now possible to re-exploit this little-used space. This feature, while it may seem insignificant at first, in reality propels the Mpow to the rank of a support capable of adapting itself and above all of adhering to a large number of cars. The part to be inserted into the CD slot is equipped with small clamps that are designed to maximize the strength of the attachment system. To adjust them to your own CD player, simply turn the handle and choose the angle that suits you best. Thanks to this mount, the Mpow offers relatively effective stability.

In terms of support, it uses a gripper system that you can move apart using a button on the left side of the device. To re-tighten the clamps on your phone, simply apply pressure to them. In addition to this already satisfactory hold, the Mpow is also equipped with two small retractable feet to prevent it from slipping. Your smartphone will be safe and secure. In fact, it is the combination of the mount and the clip system that proves to be the major asset of this support. Not only will the mount not come off the hook when you make a sharp turn, but your phone won't fall out of the cradle either. On the contrary, the support is such that the Mpow is able to rotate 360°, allowing you to clear your dashboard and thus adopt a preventive driving style.








Compact, easy to use and move, the WizGear is a universal phone holder that fits all types of smartphones and cars thanks to the combination of a powerful magnetic assembly and an efficient steel clip system. Indeed, the locking in the ventilation grid, called "Twist Lock", is practical and reliable. Unlike some systems that limit the grip on the grille, this one offers a firm grip without damaging your car. In addition to optimal attachment, the WizGear also benefits from a handy rotation and tilt wheel to rotate and tilt the phone at will.

Combined with this wheel, the magnetic system of the holder allows you to place your phone as you wish, thanks, in particular, to the power of the magnet offered by WizGear. While some people still consider the addition of a magnetic plate as a real weak point and fear - rightly - demagnetization, you should know that in addition to making magnetic attraction and repulsion possible, it is the magnetic plate that allows even the largest phones to find a holder that is compatible with them. No matter how much you like to dress your phone up in a shell, the magnet knows perfectly well how to hide between your phone and its protection. The power of the magnet is therefore more than necessary, as it is the magnet that ensures stability and the user's ability to handle the phone safely. In short, the whole thing is very well made, with an impeccable finish and a minimal size that does not hinder ventilation or visibility.




iOttie Easy One Touch 4




In addition to displaying a product that is almost infallible due to the combination of the suction cup and clamps system, iOttie manages to stand out from its competitors by offering a support capable of recharging your phone simultaneously. This functionality combined with the presence of a telescopic arm makes it a real practical gadget. However, its compatibility is of course reduced by the integrated charger system. Therefore, if you wish to benefit from it, your device must be equipped with an IQ standard. On the contrary, if you are looking for a "simple" support, the iOttie offers a universal base. The iOttie also boasts a real plus, namely its suction cup system. Whether you decide to place it on your dashboard or on your windscreen, it offers, with its suction pad, the most optimal adhesion, even if it is advisable to place the support in room temperature to avoid any risk of detachment.

Do not hesitate to refer to the instructions as they explain how to use the support and allow it to be reused over time thanks, in particular, to a simple rinsing with hot water to restore the adhesive. If the adhesion of the frame is a real asset, its system of clamps is just as effective. It allows your phone to be held without risk of falling. What's more, it offers an easy one-touch lock that can only enhance the user's driving experience. In fact, what makes the iOttie Easy Touch 4 one of the best phone holders is its redesigned telescopic arm that extends from 12.5 cm to 21 cm and is capable of swivelling through an arc of 225°. So, if the windscreen is not necessarily the best place to be in terms of visibility, this telescopic arm is a significant asset, since it allows you to adapt the position of your phone according to your desires and needs. All in all, this stand is easy to assemble and use, adjustable, customizable and, above all, safe. The only downside is its high price.




Kenu Airframe Pro




Minimalist in appearance, the Kenu Airframe Pro is actually designed to accommodate the largest smartphones on the market. This specificity, if it may seem insignificant, nevertheless allows it to offer an almost infallible compatibility. The Kenu Airframe Pro attaches to your car's ventilation system thanks to its clamps. While many people continue to question the effectiveness of such a system (notably for fear of seeing their ventilation systems damaged or broken), this phone holder offers a push button that is primarily intended to facilitate the installation and uninstallation of the device. It is therefore without any fear that Kenu renews its system of clamps at the level of the support itself. Indeed, the device is equipped with a steel clamp that can open up to 8 cm. A real plus for anyone who owns the Iphone X Plus or the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, for example.

If the Kenu is able to offer such compatibility, it is because it offers in parallel to this a fastener that can swing and rotate 360°. So if the -large- size of your phone blocks access to your dashboard or even the view, you can simply choose an angle that suits you better. On the other hand, the flexibility of the Kenu combined with its compactness will allow you to handle your phone safely while driving. Finally, although the price remains high, this holder is guaranteed for life and is also available in a magnetic version, for anyone who is sceptical about the clamp system.






Honorable mentions

Spigen Kuel: this device is to be placed on the ventilation grid of your car and offers a magnetic system. It is compatible with a large number of smartphones as long as you use the magnetic plate supplied with the holder. The Spigen also offers two options: either you choose a simple magnetic plate or you choose the magnetic plate with an adhesive side. While this is still very practical, the magnetization is not optimal and the adhesive option is much too strong, risking damage to the media and the phone.

iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Air Vent Mount: this car mount also fits over the ventilation system and, as the name suggests, uses magnetisation. Overall, users are quite satisfied with it. However, while they point out its powerful magnetization and compatibility with a large number of smartphones, some also denounce the impact of magnetism on the battery. For this reason, we preferred the WizGear, which we believe is more practical and above all more affordable.


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